For 26 years, The Green Country Free Clinic has been providing both Acute and Chronic care in Bartlesville and the surrounding communities for the uninsured, under-insured, and those who are not eligible for other services.

It all started when a local group of medical professionals and community volunteers founded the clinic as a way to provide health care and medications to those in the community who could not afford them and are ineligible for other programs.

The first free clinic was held on August 28, 1990.  Initially, the clinic was only open on Tuesday nights in a rented space that consisted of one room that housed a file cabinet, medications and lab equipment.

In 1993, the clinic moved to a facility owned by Jane Phillips Medical Center located at 400 SE Frank Phillips Blvd.

In 2002, Jane Phillips Medical Center donated the current building at 500 SE Frank Phillips Blvd, after Green Country Free Clinic raised $500,000 for renovations.

Currently, the clinic has approximately 30 active volunteers who contribute to the operation of the clinic. Some of the positions filled by volunteers include; medical practitioners, nurses, medication room techs, front desk help, appointment schedulers, refill request-takers, and other numerous clinic related responsibilities throughout the year.  The clinic has four part-time paid employees. 

Each year approximately 2,000 patients visit the clinic and over 8,000 medications are provided for both chronic and acute patients.   Medication Assistance is made possible through “Patient Assistance Programs” offered by some pharmaceutical companies.

Green Country Free Clinic looks forward to additional growth and expansion.  They are thankful for the many volunteers, contributors, businesses, and generous benefactors who have made the much-needed services possible.